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Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132) significant business history stream

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Any successful applicant under this visa stream must demonstrate that he or she has an overall successful business career. A business plan is essential in your application as it mirrors your realistic commitment to establish or participate in a business in NSW that will be of significant benefit to the NSW economy.

It is sensible to evaluate your proposed business based on an assessment of valuation for money, risk and economic benefit. You should be encouraged to look at investment in new projects that provide financial returns for Australia and assist in delivering important economic benefit for NSW.

According to the NSW state treasury website, NSW has a diversified service driven economy with a relatively lower exposure to commodity prices compared to the mining states of WA and Queensland. NSW economic activity includes industries as follows:

· Health, Retail and trade;

· Professional, scientific and technical sector;

· Property services, information media and telecommunications;

· Construction;

· Manufacturing;

· Education;

· Financial services;

· Personal travel (tourism).

China is both a primary export destination for goods and a major supplier of imported goods.


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